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Convert your data into beautiful charts

With Chartlr, you can quickly and easily create a host of different popular chart and graph types.

Import your data as a tabular data sheet (XLS, XLSX or CSV formatted), choose an appropriate chart type and tweak the default design settings to create your chart in your own colours, typeface and line styles.

Watch these 4 short movies to see Chartlr 
in action.

3 plans to choose from

Our Student Plan is the affordable entry point to the world of Chartlr. It offers a limited choice of chart types and typefaces and only PNG export.

Pick the Professional Plan if you want to have our full range of chart types and more typefaces at your disposal and be able to export charts to PNG, SVG or PDF format to apply in your report, presentation or website.

Choose the Expert Plan if you want to save and reapply your favorite design settings to other charts. Chartlr is your perfect companion for easy maintenance of your corporate identity in all your charts and graphs.

“It’s a great resource and I‘m trying to convince sales people in my office that it beats wrestling with learning Excel for their basic presentation needs.”
A Chartlr fan in
New Jersey, USA
“I like it too much, It’s an excellent tool for all my marketing activities!”
A Chartlr aficionado in
Guadalajara, Mexico

Your data space
 in the cloud

One of the most powerful features in Chartlr’s Expert Plan is the ChartCloud™: your personal chart and design repository in the cloud.

The ChartCloud makes it really easy to save and reload charts or save and reapply designs to series of charts and graphs. You never knew playing with data could be so much fun!

Tweak like a Pro

In our Expert Plan you can tweak your chart layout and design beyond Chartlr’s standard settings; change the positioning of title, legend and source mention, add a subtitle, and optimize the alignment of elements.

Save your new design settings to the ChartCloud™ and apply them to other charts and graphs. Now that’s supercharting!